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Warning: This demo for the horror game "What I Saw In The Dark" is a pure graphics demo, and therefore contains no gameplay and no game mechanics! This is version 0.69! More extensive updates will come in the future, and at some point a completely playable demo!

Warnung: Diese Demo für das Horrorspiel "What I Saw In The Dark" ist eine reine Grafik-Demo, und enthält somit kein Gameplay, und keine Spielemechaniken! Dies ist die Version 0.69! In Zukunft werden noch umfangreichere Updates kommen, und irgendwann eine komplett spielbare Demo!

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I have a problem, any solution to this?

As far as I can find out now, this is an Unreal Engine v.4.18 bug. I will fix it in the upcoming update, I'm very sorry! :(


hahaha it's not your fault, it's worth having downloaded your game the truth is amazing, I hope you solve it so you can see everything new, take your time crack <3 <3


We liked how fluid the game performed, we actually didn't read the description initially and thought this was a full game before starting, hah. 

Oh, yheah, its a pre-alpha test-build. :'D




oh yeah, i hope more updates and optimization (more fps please) good luck with the development <3

Hey, thank you very much! In the upcoming updates, a menu will be added, in which you can adjust the settings for yourself to get more FPS! In addition, the structure of the game will be completely different and better than what you have currently seen in the first pre-alpha demo!


Oh yeah!! That sounds spectacular, the truth is that I can no longer stand to see what you have for everyone, you have a great talent in textures and lighting, I hope that your development goes well. I wish you luck from Argentina (I hope it has more languages;))